How do you order?

Please order by Email : specify k-no., size and quantities.

What payment forms do you take?

Now Thailand banks do not support for electronic commerce. So I cannot receive any credit cards. Normally, I can delivery any order after I received customer's transfer money to my thai bank 3-5 days. Freight cost is directly based on Air cargo fee. I don't charge any more. For effective freight cost you should order 10 boxes up.

For packing:

Size of box is 45.5 x 60.5 x 28.5 (in centimeters). In one box can fill (approximate): 6cm x 50 - one layer (fill of bags), 6cm x 100 - two layer (For not long distance, eg. Taiwan.). 8cm x 50, 10cm x 30 or 12-13cm x 16 - one layer The individual fish is in a Three-layer plastic bags with full oxygen. Before packing I will not feeding the fish , In order to make no waste in bags. Charge 10US dollars for packaging per box