Interviewing Kitti's niece

Interviewer: What's your name?
Nut: My name is Miss Nut.

Interviewer: What degree did you graduate with?
Nut: I finished a bachelor of Communication Arts.

Interviewer : Would you mind telling me about your experience? According to your age, I think you're too young.
Nut : I had experience about hotel and touring. In addition, I had experience in jewelry design and the computer field.

Interviewer : Besides a lot of your experience, what is your talent?
Nut : I think I am good at English both speaking and reading. I can say that my English can be my good medium of communication or transmission.

Interviewer : Can you tell me some more of your outstanding character?
Nut : I can say that I am able to learn new things quickly and improve myself. There is a noticeable advancement in my work now, Discus Fish, without any experience . This is the first time which my uncle, Mr. Kitti, gives me this good opportunity. In addition, I think I am Optimistic and cheerful and I will be very happy when I see Everybody in the world happy. I also love to make others happy.

Interviewer : Who are you proud of?
Nut : I feel proud of my uncle, He is my mother's brother. He gives me a good chance to run this business. I have learned a lot from him and I won't make him disappointed, I promise.

Interviewer : What do you love to do when you have free time?
Nut : Oh ! _ _ _ I love to study discus lessons. Because I think that I have to use my time as usefully as possible. And it is my new lesson which I have to learn. I always read a magazine, for example, Aquarist Pondkeeper. Sometimes, I learn about feeding other Tropical fish as well.

Interviewer : Have you found any problems in this field?
Nut : Oh sure! Yes, I have, a lot. However, whenever I have problems, the best counselor is my uncle, Mr. Kitti. He teaches me everything and he tries to explain clearly what it is.

Interviewer : What do you do at "Kitti Farm"?
Nut : My responsibility is to take customer's orders from all around the world. It is a kind of Customer Service Department. Service mind is very important for this kind of business. I have to take an order via e-mail, fax, telephone and sometimes take care of all customers and deliver Discus according to the orders.

Interviewer : How is your uncle's business?
Nut : Everything is perfect now. Our business is developing and expanding. We are planning to get as much of the market share of this fish business as we can.

Interviewer : Ok. Now, do you have some more things to tell other discus fish Lovers?
Nut : Oh..yes. I would like to tell them that I can help them to choose the best ones and give the best advice for them, if they want me to export ours and import theirs.

Interviewer : Do you have any words to say or to tell the reader?
Nut : Thank you so much to everybody around the world who come to visit my uncle's web site and read my entire story. People know about my uncle's farm story and me from this high technological communication. And also, this is my first time to introduce myself as the only "right hand" of Kitti, via the Internet. Moreover, I would like to tell all of our future customers who have never ever imported Discus and people who would like to know more information about Discus; for any inquiries please feel free to ask me according to my e-mail, fax, or even call me anytime you want.

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