Interview "Mr. Kitti" (Father of Discus)

Interviewer: Since when did you get busy with breeding Discus fish? Why?
Mr Kitti : In 1970, I reared Discus as my hobby. Later on, I had an idea to do it as a farm and ran the Discus business since 1972. It is so fascinating and I really, seriously love them.

Interviewer: In 1972 what did you wish to do with Discus Fish?
Mr Kitti : I was really impressed with Discus and intended to create and develop various genetically stable strains of discus around the world, which nobody else would have or think of.

Interviewer : How much is the amount of Discus you are exporting now?
Mr Kitti : I have many orders from customers around the world. Sometimes I have not enough fish to deliver and so I have to expand my farm to as large as I can.

Interviewer : How could you solve the problems while you are running this business?
Mr Kitti : To love and to take care of Discus is always in my mind. I learn their characteristics and their habits. They seem to be a part of my family. If I get into troubles, I will calm down, review that problem, analyze and finally find the way out.

Interviewer : What are you most proud of, being a Discus breeder who is well known all over the world?
Mr Kitti : I think I have a talent and also I am lucky to take care of and rear all types of Discus.

Interviewer : At that time, did you have only Discus fish or are there any other creatures you have?
Mr Kitti : I love them so much and spend all of my time taking care of them especially. Otherwise, I breed "dogs" too. I brought many mated pairs from other countries, bred them and sold them from the same farm of mine.

Interviewer : I heard that you only work with Discus fishes but there are many other interesting animals you have, right?
Mr Kitti : Yes, I do. I have a white monkey, red eyed turtle, and some creatures which are "Albinos" of their species. They are all my hobbies.

Interviewer : Do you have any other projects about Discus Farm?
Mr Kitti : I have to keep continuously creating new breeds of Discus because it is my happiness and it is also an opportunity for me to spread out my name widely. And it is also a challenge for me to earn people's trust.

Interviewer : Do you have any co-workers or a helper to run this business?
Mr Kitti : Certainly, Nut is my sister's daughter. On the other hand, she is my only niece and my right hand too. Moreover, I also have several employees to clean aquariums in my farm.

Interviewer : How does your niece help you?
Mr Kitti : Her responsibility is to take care of all of our customers, both in our country and from foreign countries around the world.

Interviewer : Do you have any words or any advantageous suggestions for your niece?
Mr Kitti : Always... Nut loves to learn many new things and especially she love Discus. I teach her about my experience and how to rear all of these fish.

Interviewer : What do you think about the future of Discus Fish?
Mr Kitti : I hope someday I will create various and new genetically stable colors of Discus for all fish lovers who love to rear and to see these strange creatures, the same as me.