Getting to know Mr. Kitti Phanaitthi !!!

Kitti, The Father of Discus fish, has operated his business for 30 years.

He started this business in 1972. From the number of years, it is good evidence that it's suitable to call him "Father of Discus fish". He did this business by chance, and his special effort. He has been interested in "Discus" as a hobby and loves to look after it. Moreover, since he started his business, the most popular discus which are his latest creations and makes him successful and well-known are "The Pigeon Blood and Marlboro Red".

The Pigeon blood has been the new discus that has been done with the genetics of the discus. Kitti was able to create this species, and market it until it has been well-known all over the world.

The Pigeon Blood was revealed in "First Displayed" in the 1991 Aquarama, Singapore. It excited all people there. It made the audience there nervous and curious. Finally, it received admiring glances and Kitti was at last proclaimed "Father of Pigeon Blood". Since then he has developed various genetically stable color strains of the discus and those have become his successes again, namely:

Kitti Snake Skin, and Snake Skin (Original), Kitti Snake Wild Red Spotted, Kitti Leopard Snake, Kitti Red Leopard, Green Leopard, Leopard, Leopard (Original), Kitti Green Snake, Kitti Red Spider Web, Kitti Ruby Spotted Snake Skin, Kitti First of Universe, Red First of Universe, First of Universe Red Spotted, First of Universe Wild Red Spotted, Kitti Golden Line, Golden Ribbon, Kinrin, Golden, Master Gold, Kitti King Cobra, Kitti Tong Thai, Kitti Zebra, Kitti Wild Red Spotted F-1, Ribbon Red Spotted, Yellow Red Spotted, Kitti Red Pigeon Blood, Kitti Red Doll (My Fair Lady), Kitti First of Fancy.

Moreover, there are many other strains in his farm. Kitti still goes on creating the new breeds and nobody can known when he will stop his eye-opening developments in the world of discus. On the evidence of his success it's easy to say that he is always over active in creating and developing new species of the discus in order to make fish lovers of the world happy.

However, Kitti is 53 years old now. It's necessary for him to share his responsibility with the one whom he can trust, and the person he has chosen is his niece, Nut. She is trusted because she is only one of his niece. Now, it can be told that she is his "right hand" and can manage every thing involving the business.